Dear Friends,

This all started with a song called Denuo. I was a sophomore in high school, not writing out of musical motive so much as emotional necessity, when I penned it in a notebook.

It is important for you to know that Music is not the fiber of my life — it is the core of my expression. I put away the notebook for a year after I recorded Denuo, returning to it only when my ongoing Man vs. Self (shared by so many fellow over-thinkers) reached a critical point. I resumed writing and haven’t stopped since.

I remember many nights spent awake, listening to songs and arguing with my mind. And during those nights, I “met” artists who have become pivotal in my life from far away. There may be no greater relief than the realization that another person knows, intimately, your exact mindset. The level of community in that is powerful.

And that, my friends, is my musical pursuit: to unapologetically express my every struggle, in order to help you transcend yours.

I hope to be as personal toward you as Music has been toward me.


Recording at Luther College

Recording at Luther College


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