I realize it’s only early evening back home, but it’s 10:34 PM here in Nottingham, England.  Tonight, we reach a new HWN milestone: never have I released the lyrics to a song before ever having recorded the song itself.  They’ll be at the bottom of this; I hope you like them.

An important disclaimer is that I am the opposite of articulate right now.  Finals are looming, and as the Brits would say, I’m utterly “knackered.”  Think less refined and more journal-like.

This is the part where I admit how awful I am at taking my own advice.  I’ve written repeatedly in this blog about how important it is to embrace the present and let go of the other tenses, but these past couple weeks have rendered that impossible for me.  My inevitable return to the States has dawned on me, and quite suddenly I’ve understood that I’m not ready for it.  That’s a weighty thing for me to say, considering all the friends and family I have back home, but there are two truths here: 1.) I hate having loose ends, 2.) I have many of them here.  Of course, the best medicine is community, so I’m throwing it out to the fans and sharing some new words with y’all.

Timing is a funny thing, isn’t it?  I say this because when I think about circumstances, I literally end up laughing about how unfair they can be.  Here I am, where everything is coming together in all the most perfect ways, and in three weeks, I get on a plane and leave it all.  I can’t go into great detail, but I can say that May 29th will be a profoundly difficult day.  Consequently, there’s a good chance I’ll have the first full-length HWN album completely written by the time I get back.  Recording is another story, but rest assured there will be no shortage of lyrical inspiration.

Anyone who’s studied poetry even briefly will understand that I am a Romantic.  I think lofty ideas are within reach, and I will fight like hell to make them happen.  Essentially, I see obstacles as a reason to go buy better knee pads.  The beautiful thing about human romance, though, is this: when someone else is involved, you can watch all your own plans go straight to hell, because you can’t make decisions for them.  That is a painful, powerful lesson, and it took a trip to England to teach me that.  My great piece of advice is this: by placing your trust in another, and risking your Self, you will get hurt more times than you can count.  Do it anyway.


Little boats weaving, a lake in my mind
In the silence I never knew.
Threads of a hidden, subconscious design
And the courage to see them through.

4,000 miles’ worth of all that I’ve been
And I thought I could leave it there,
But failed resolutions are too much to fend off
When memories don’t repair.

“I’m helpless but hopeful,” she said as I stared,
“But I guess that is all we can be.”
I learned then that timing will never be fair,
And that distance will always deceive.

So this is me,
Sweeping your history
From under your feet.

Little boats weaving, a lake in my mind
In the chances I never knew.
Threads of a quietly careful design
Where I’ll always have room for you.


~ by hewhonever on May 5, 2011.

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