Songs Explained: Just Like

When I last made fun of myself for being a disgustingly sub-par blog owner, I did so assuming that I would force upon myself a sort of blog-motivational renaissance.

I was wrong.

So now, I’m forcing it upon my Christian Theology class.  Some poor girl is presenting her lengthy summary of today’s reading, which I did not do, and do not understand.  I am in the back row writing about things I can actually grasp.  She seems to know her stuff.  She’ll be okay.

Just Like (Read lyrics HERE)

Just Like is, admittedly, less personal than the other tracks on Left.  It was my favorite piano riff, born out of some afternoon improvisation, and I knew I had to work it into a song.  The verse and chorus melodies came into my head, and after reading New Moon by Stephenie Meyer (which I appreciate, regardless of the ridiculous vampire-romance explosion that followed), I based the subject matter on the constant struggle of self-searching.  There are two perspectives going on in the song, and they argue back and forth:

1.) What if you’re not okay with who you are, and you are desperate to become like someone who seems to embody what you want for yourself?

2.) What if somebody wants to become like you, but you feel that they don’t know the whole story?  What if they don’t fully understand what they’re getting into?

I personally have gone through phases of both.  And after kicking my own ass for years, I wish I could be the face in everyone’s mirror screaming, “Love yourself!”  The problem with perspective #1 is that he or she actually seeks the loss of self.  I spent a lot of time doing this; figuring out how I could transform myself into the people I admired.  If only I had spent all that time learning how to admire myself.

Perspective #2, meanwhile, has #1’s problem in disguise.  They look at this appreciation, the compliment of somebody else seeking a quality they have, and can only maintain focus on the shortfalls they think are hidden.  Something important I have learned over time, from being an occasional #2, is to let people love you.  If you take great desire in bringing joy to other people, who are you to deny them that same joy?  Letting people love you is a severely underestimated way of loving people.

Of course, the song doesn’t resolve the issue – it just presents the situation.  What do you struggle with, and how can you adopt healthy self-respect?

Love yourself; love each other.



~ by hewhonever on March 31, 2010.

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  1. You continue to amaze me! Always.

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