Lions, Tigers, and Big Terrifying Decisions

There is something beautiful about getting your ass undeniably kicked by life.  Every now and then, you reach a crossroads where you have to make a huge decision in which no matter how you swing it, somebody’s going to be short-changed or disappointed in you.  Being a full-time college student at Luther (including Jazz Band and Symphony Orchestra), and being part of two serious outside musical endeavors (If You Will and He Who Never), I have to balance a lot of “unbalanceable” things.  My iCal itself is demanding a raise.  The latest is figuring out if and when I can study abroad, and for how long.  From every angle, either one of the musical projects or my pursuits at Luther will be hindered by my absence.  But that doesn’t make a full year in England any less cool-sounding…

In the wake of a reasonably significant stress level, and being a man who struggles to shut his mind off, the conclusion I’ve come to most recently is this: I will live.

I figure if I don’t get a random disease or fall victim to a freak accident, the deadlines for these choices will come and go, and I will be alive at the end of them.  This is the same logic I’ve decided to apply to most of my life — tests, long drives, every single Monday… I am intensely blessed to have a good quality of life.  So many people don’t.  And even stress can’t kill me (until I age a bit more).

But the constant inhalation of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups might.  I must depart; poetry class awaits.



~ by hewhonever on November 4, 2009.

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